CSEA scpa/Consorzio per lo Sviluppo dell'Elettronica e l'Automazione Consortium for the development of Electronics and Automation


General information
Csea - Consortium for the development of Electronics and Automation - has a definite objective: its aim is to favour employment, reemployment and professional abilities by developing human resources, data communication and effective training techniques, designed for both unemployed and employed people.
Csea is a non - profit joint-stock consortium established more than sixteen years ago: it consists of a group of highly specialized companies with a considerable share owned by the Province and the Municipality of Turin. Csea has become a vocational training centre above all others because it offers the exact qualification required by the market: over 500 companies who cooperate with it are a guarantee of this high quality. About 800 people get specialized professional qualifications every year, following the latest technological developments.
Csea has three offices (Turin, Orbassano and Chieri), but it carries out activities on a consultancy basis in the rest of Italy and it also takes part in a vast variety of European research and vocational training programmes financed by the European Union.

Csea deals with a large number of activities including the 'first' ones (the ones dating from the beginning):
Information science technologies
Data communication
Industrial automation

New fields have been developed throughout the years such as the implementation of hypertexts and multimedia applications, culture and activities on the territory, quality control, environmental science and agro-industry.
URL: http://www.csea.torino.it

Status in project
ODL partner

Via Stefano Tempia, 6
10156 Torino
Contact person: Liesbeth Helwig

Contact address
Via Stefano Tempia,6
10156 Torino