Center for Women´s Studies, Department of Social Sciences, Orebro University


General information
The Center was established 1988 as a multidisciplinary Center with the aim to stimulate new research in the field, give support to active researchers, to give university courses, to give information on feminist studies to the public and to integrate feminist studies in traditional curriculum. Before that courses, seminars and research activities had been going on for many years, the first university course was arranged 1978.
Different courses have been arranged such as ordinary full time courses on different levels, evening, weekend and summer courses and also decentralized and distance courses. The main disciplines are history, political science and sociology but many researchers from other disciplines are also involved in the activities. The focus in research is on politics such as theoretical research on feminist theory and politics, empirical studies on women`s role in politics and state equality policy and women´s political history.

Status in project
The Center for Women`s Studies, University of Orebro, participates in the project as research and teaching partner.

Center for Women´s Studies, Department of Social Sciences
University of Orebro
S-70182 Orebro
Tel: 46 19 30 30 00
Contact person: Gun Hedlund, Ph. D, Head of Center

Contact address
Center for Women´s Studies Department of Social Sciences.
University of Orebro
S-701 82 Orebro
Tel: 46 19 30 38 93