Lillehammer College


General information
Lillehammer College (LC) is a higher education institution, organized in four faculties: Culture and Media, Education and Social Science, Tourism and applied Social Science and Film and Television.
Lillehammer College has a separate unit, Centre for Continuing education (SELL) with responsibility for the ODL activities. Lillehammer College has 200 staff and 3200 students (of which 50% is distance education students).

The school of Education and Social science
This is the largest faculty at Lillehammer College. The courses are divided into three main groups: education, politics and health and social studies. The School of Education and Social Science at HiL offers a distant/combined programme in Gender and Politics.
Centre for Continuing education (SELL) at the College was established in 1990. SELL organizes all distance education courses at Lillehammer College. The 20-25 persons staff have experience in initiating, developing and administrating ODL courses ( 1700 students), production of video's, interactive multimedia for ODL-programmes, videoconferencing and Internet. An emphasize is given to get an insight into the correct pedagogical use of modern media in education.

Status in project
Lillehammer college takes part in the project as coordinator

Lillehammer College, Centre for continuing education and the School of Education and Social Science
P.O. Box 1004 Skurva
2601 Lillehammer
Contact person: Ann Kjersti Sletten

Contact address
P.O. Box 1004 Skurva
2601 Lillehammer
Tel: +47 61 28 83 72
Fax: + 47 61 28 82 00