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General information
The University of Dublin was founded in 1592 as a residential college on the model of an Oxford or Cambridge college. There are currently 11,245 students on the rolls. Political Science may be studied at undergraduate level as a single or joint honours subject within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Studies.
At postgraduate level, the department of Political Science provides a taught PhD programme. The department is a partner in an ERASMUS exchange with the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Strasbourg and the University of Nurnberg. Arrangements with U.S. universities also mean that there is always a substantial number of American students in the department.
A Gender and Politics course was started in the department in 1991 and has also been available for students pursuing the M.Phil in Women's Studies. In 1994 a Research Assistantship was initiated between senior students in Political Science and women politicians in the Irish parliament. This benefits both politicians and students, giving a glimpse from the inside of the workings of parliament and the role of a parliamentary representative.

Status in project
The department of Political Science participates as a research and teaching partner institution in the DIOTIMA project.

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