a European Development project

Diotima is a three year project, sponsored by de ODL (Open and Distance Learning)1 program of the European Union's program Socrates Programme, aimed at developing distant-education, part-time Gender & Politics Course Packages. 11 partners from 7 different European countries have been working together to develop these packages.
The first aim of Diotima has been to develop a European Comparative Course on Gender and Politics (ECGaP).

The ECGaP course will start again in October 1999. For more information contact your  local coordinator

The idea behind the Diotima project is to bring together expertise and knowledge from Political Science, Women's Studies and ODL scholars. This means that Diotima will bring together scholars from the social and political sciences, the humanities and the media pedagogics to work on the development of the Gender & Politics Course Packages, encouraging synergies between the different disciplines.

For more information on Diotima, please contact your local coordinator .

1Open and Distance Learning is a type of education that does not consist of classroom lectures but of specifiec material developed to be used in a way that is most appropriate to the student. The material will consist of videotapes, textbooks, compendiums and workbooks. New Information Technologies, like Internet, World Wide Web and e-mail will provide an easy way to make communication between students and teachers and students and students possible.